Monday, November 16, 2009

Staging Your Property

To Sell

1. Curb appeal counts:

a) If needed, front door should be painted

b) Replace or refresh exterior hardware

c) Purchase attractive new outdoor & indoor door mats

d) Exterior light fixtures should be cleaned and all bulbs in working order

e) Check your landscaping - remove and replace dead plantings

f) Attractively arrange backyard/deck furniture and make sure it’s clean

2. First impressions matter:

a) All rooms should be a neutral color to appeal to the largest group of buyers

b) Remove all clutter: clear it out, box it up, and store it

c) Rooms should be cleaned from top to bottom - including carpeting

d) Remove pet smells and strong cooking odors

3. Living room/great room:

a) If possible, all furniture should be positioned away from walls to make the room appear larger

b) The fireplace is always the focal point of the room - if there is a view across from it arrange furniture on either side of the fireplace and you can enjoy the view and the fireplace. Never block a view with furniture.

c) Fireplace mantel: clear off unnecessary objects

d) Clean the fireplace screen - paint or replace if needed

4. Never block the entry to a room with furniture - good flow is essential

5. Dining room area:

a) Position dining room chandelier or light fixture over the center of the dining room table - if it’s off center, swag it to the center

b) Put an attractive decorator object - bowl, plant or vase on the dining room table

6. Kitchens sell houses:

a) Clear all clutter off counters including small appliances e.g. toaster ovens, blenders, etc.

b) Stove, refrigerator, and microwave must be spotless

c) Remove all pictures, menus, magnets, etc. from refrigerator door

7. Master bedroom:

a) Should be clean, well lit, serene, and luxurious

b) Pare down unnecessary things - no office or exercise equipment in it

c) Purchase fresh pillows and bedding

d) If possible, provide a comfortable chair to create a reading area

8. Bathrooms should sparkle:

a) Fresh towels on display

b) Add spa touches if it’s the master bath

c) Purchase a new toilet seat and shower curtain

d) Counters should be completely decluttered

9. Offices should be clean and organized - no cardboard boxes and no piles of papers on display

10. No rooms should be “junk rooms” or have so many uses no one knows its purpose or potential

11. Clean out & organize closets and storage spaces:

a) Buyer should be able to walk-in a walk-in closet

b) Store dirty laundry in laundry room

c) Emphasize space

12. Complete projects - make it move-in ready

13. Box up and store all collections, personal photos, & momentos

14. Wash all windows and sills inside and out

15. Check all light bulbs - proper lighting should create a warm, inviting glow welcoming the potential buyer

16. Do something - don’t do nothing:

a) “As is” sales take forever in a slow market and sell with reduced prices